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Finally got my fire back. Been writing away and I love it. I've missed it so much. I missed my Piccolo even more. Of coarse there is the hurdle of life holding me back between working stupid hours at work and those who encourage me to write also not letting me sit down to do so so between writing at my lunch breaks and staying up until 2-3 in the morning but down side to that I have to be up at 6 to get my son up at 7. Trying to juggle my love of writing and making everyone else happy...I think I might just give up my passion and give up my anime and manga.
Might as well give up everything I love...all I do is work so I never have a chance to write or draw...everyday I'm giving up hours of my life for a place that doesn't appreciate what I can do...I can't even write out ideas without my supervisor up my butt yelling at me that I'm worthless...under paid and unappreciated...all I want to do is write.
Dealing with others dark attitudes has left little desire to do my work. Doing what I can but I think it's time to drop the darkness and move on with my hopes and my beloved creations.
Well got some what caught up after my stuff was deleted. I am even currently going through back issues and doing a better spell and grammar check. Thank you all for hanging with me.
So ready to give up. But I won't. My data to my fiction crashed and I forgot to back up. My stupidity. :tears: I as still working trust me.
Hey beautiful people. I know I haven't posted in a loooooong time. Fear not I have not stopped. I still continue to work it is just that the ending has been driving me nuts with wanting to be written. So I will write until I finish and post as quickly as I can after. Love you all.
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After so much time energy and hard work deviantart won't let me post from my portable. So hate the changes they made. It's now going to take longer to publish. I'm so sorry.
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Omg:faint: I can't believe it. I am in total shock:omg:Today I found out that Digimon is being released after years of waiting. I just bought season 1 volume 1. Volume 2 comes out in march along with season 2:squee:
  • Watching: DBZ season 7
No matter how many times I watch it I still cheer excitedly for Trunks and Goten during their match in the word martial tournament. GO TRUNKS GET HIM GOTEN
  • Watching: supernatural
:frustrated:Well apparently after years of parental raids as a kid and 4 moves my fics are lost. Grrrr:iconpissedplz:
  • Reading: typing not reading lol
  • Watching: Dragon Ball Z
Going to try and find some of my old fanfiction and possibly put it online. Lol key word TRY
  • Watching: Supernatural
Well I have made up my mind. Changed the name of my DBZ fic
Well sadly this girl is beat. Going to bed. No Internet tomarrow since I'm spending the day (8:30 am-9:00 pm) at work. Hoping to have a new chapter up tomarrow night.
My computer is back. :work: Now for catch up time. I have written and drawn so much. going to take forever to get caught up
Been keeping busy drawing and writing:work:. Hoping to get my computer back soon:o Not done with current fic but I am currently researching the dragonball half of my dbz ocs life. It is so weird working this way. But its what they want.
It seems my computer has crashed. :wtf:I won't be uploading for awhile. This sucks:pissed: I am going to keep writing but until my computer is back together there won't be any updates.:tears:
When I write or draw I am giving new life to a new being. They exist because of me. I love every creation and every day I create new life. They are my loving babies.
It is so hard to stop working and be a normal human being when ideas keep coming to me:tears:
  • Watching: Dragon Ball Z
Just so some of my watchers know. Things will be getting heated between my OC and Piccolo:blush:both in my writing and art. I am trying to dull it down but Gods to I hate hacking such beautiful and itimate things:tears: Fair warning.:D
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Well got my vibe back(for now) writing away.